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In a new article published by Entertainment Weekly, we get to learn more about Archie and Veronica’s relationship in the upcoming season of Riverdale and in the video bellow, the cast shares some tips on safe shipping. The magazine also graced us with a new outtake from the photoshoot, featuring Camila and KJ Apa! While […]

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The Riverdale cast is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s Fall TV Preview issue, out September 22. Pulling their best looks, the magazine gives us a preview of the upcoming season of the show and even shows us a bit of the behind the scenes of the magazine’s photoshoot. You can read the full article […]

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Followed by a promotional video on The CW’s upcoming Fall shows, the network has released now a new trailer for Riverdale in which we get to see the characters struggling with their inner demons.

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The CW has yet released another promotional video featuring the stars of the shows premiering in the Fall. The new season begins October 9, with Riverdale premiering on October 11!

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With the Riverdale‘s new season premiering this October, the cast has began to give interviews to publications. Camila spoke to People Chica about playing Veronica and being latina in Hollywood. You can read it bellow! Don’t be fooled by her new-girl-to-Hollywood status. Camila Mendes has been so focused on launching her career, that she’s gotten off to […]

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The CW released earlier today a promotional video which features the cast of the shows premiering this October. You can watch Camila and her Riverdale co-stars having some fun in the video bellow!