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For months, we’ve been impatiently waiting to be introduced to Archie Andrew’s (KJ Apa) MIA momma on the smash CW drama, and now it’s time to say hello.

During Friday’s Riverdale panel at WonderCon in Anaheim, CA, audience members were treated to a five-minute sizzle reel featuring the first footage of Ringwald as Mary Andrews — and only ET is putting this highly anticipated introduction online for all to see!

“Hi honey,” Mary says with a timid yet sweet smile to her son. (Be honest: Who else is loving her pretty-in-pink shade of lipstick?!)


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Last day was a big day for the Riverdale cast as they hit up WonderCon to promote the show! We were yesterday covering the event on twitter (if you don’t follow us, make sure to!) in which we got to learn a bit more of what’s to come. I’ve added to the gallery photos from the event and bellow, you’ll find a recap of the panel along with some interviews that have been released of Camila so far. All candids belong to their owners, we do not take credit for them.

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  • Camila Mendes praised her working relationship with Marisol Nichols and talks about how much she loves playing a Latinx family with Marisol. She calls them “Lodge-ical Ladies.”
  • Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa assured the crowd that Veronica is still a Pussycat!
  • Camila praised Lili’s kissing skills, calling her a “good kisser.”
  • When asked about Beronica (Betty/Veronica) the writers said to “never say never”.
  • “We’re so happy that we can tackle these characters together,” Reinhart said of the classic Betty/Veronica dynamic. “There’s no Betty without Veronica, and there’s no Veronica without Betty,” Camila added.
  • Lili and Camila are best friends in real life, which helps their on-sceen relationship.
  • When asked about Jughead’s mother and Veronica’s dad, the writers said we will be seeing one or more of them in the future– sooner than you’d think.
  • The cast was asked about what they would want their quote to be in the year book. Camila replied that Veronica’s quote would be “Full dark, no stars.”
  • Betty or Veronica? Lili and Camila chose each other.
  • Camila revealed that she and Lili got to know each other in a hot tub after Lili slid into her DM’s.
  • Camila would like Andy Garcia to play Veronica’s dad.
  • What is on the cast’s Riverdale bucket list” for season two? Camila looks forward to Veronica’s interactions with Hiram.

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    A brand new episode of Riverdale aired this week, after a two week hiatus and it’s fair to say that it was a very good episode– We only wish there was more Veronica! High definition screencaptures of this week’s episode have been added to our gallery, and we’ve also replaced the episode stills with their high quality versions!

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    V — For people who grew up following the lives of Blair and Serena or Seth and Summer, the creation of Riverdale was a welcome TV show in the realm of teen soaps. Because of the hit series, Betty and Veronica can now be added to that list.

    At only 22-years-old, Camila Mendes landed a dream role on Riverdale as Veronica Lodge, the affluent brunette who is one of the apples of Archie Andrews’s eye. But the Veronica on Riverdale isn’t the same as the character that you grew up with in the comics; she’s essentially a reformed Blair Waldorf, who still sports her wardrobe (with a little-added sexiness), is truly friends with Betty (not frenemies), and winning Archie’s heart is definitely not her main focus.

    Right after graduating from NYU, Mendes landed her first role, which just happened to be as a lead on the CW’s latest hit. Though it’s only the beginning of her career, things are looking bright for Mendes as Riverdale has already been picked up for another season.

    On the rise and definitely on our radar, we caught up with Mendes about shattering Latina stereotypes, Betty and Veronica’s friendship, and Jughead’s sexuality.

    Did you think that Riverdale was going to get the hype that it has received?

    I definitely had my hopes. It’s one of those shows  that’s like, “How could people not love it?” Even so, it’s always a risk. You have to hope that everyone sees what you see in it, and I think that’s kind of the case now.

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