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Hello Camila fans! We deeply apologize for having gone M.I.A these past months, and to make up for our absence we’ve added to our gallery all photos from public appearances Camila has attended lately! You can expect a post regarding photoshoots and more in a bit, but we wanted to start off with public appearances. And of course, we want to congratulate Camila and the Riverdale cast for taking home multiple awards at the Teen Choice Awards! It was surely a very special night for the cast, and we want to congratulate all of them, especially Camila for winning Choice Scene Stealer for her role as Veronica Lodge in the CW series!

To wrap up this post, we’ve changed the look of our site! We’re absolutely in love with Camila’s latest photoshoots and we couldn’t help ourselves. What do you guys think of our colorful look? Let us know on twitter!

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The cast of Riverdale was this past Saturday (May 20) at the Vulture Festival where they discussed the show. Once again, thanks to my friend Maria, from laura-dreyfuss.com, i’ve added photos to the gallery!

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Hey Camila fans! Camila attended this past Friday (May 19) the Broadway’s Bandstand along with her Riverdale co-stars and thanks to my friend Maria, from laura-dreyfuss.com, i’ve added photos to the gallery!

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18 May 2017   by

Camila is currently at The CW Network’s Upfront with her Riverdale co-stars and we’ve added to the gallery the first photos released from the red carpet! Follow us on twitter for all gallery updates. You can also watch an interview the cast gave earlier!

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EW — Milkshakes aside, Riverdale is a pretty bleak town, and season 2 is going to take things to an even darker place. EW caught up with star Camila Mendes — who plays Veronica Lodge on the CW show — at the Entertainment Weekly & PEOPLE Upfronts Party on Monday to ask about that shocking season finale and the impact it will have on the characters, particularly Archie (K.J. Apa).

“It’s going to unpack so many things in terms of the relationships for season 2 because Archie’s going to be going through this really traumatic experience and Veronica’s going to have to be there to help with that burden,” Mendes shared.

Though Archie’s had an easier time of it in season 1 compared to best friend Jughead (Cole Sprouse), facing the possibility of losing a parent is going to take the character to murkier places. “I like that there’ll be a new darkness to Archie,” says Mendes. “I think it’s going to add a lot of edge to his character and some depth.”

But will Riverdale fans be ready for this edgier Archie?

“With things like Twitter, we can touch base and see what they like and what they don’t like,” says Mendes. “So I think going into season 2 we really know what people are interested in. Now that we’ve put it out there in the world, we can expand on it and go darker and deeper.”

Season 1 of Riverdale will be available on Netflix this week.

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Camila attended last night Entertainment Weekly and PEOPLE Upfronts Party with Riverdale co-star Casey Cott, and we’ve added photos of the duo from the event to the gallery!

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