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Published on WhoWhatWear — September 28, 2016 | Written by Sarah King

Name: Camila Mendes

Where to Watch Her: Riverdale, The CW, February 2017

Of course you can’t have Betty without Veronica, which brings us to our next breakout beauty: Camila Mendes. Acting has always been on this Miami native’s agenda; she excelled in performing arts in high school and college before landing the role of our favorite brunette vixen in the CW series Riverdale.

The New Girl: “She’s kind of fearless and very positive about getting to know this new world that she’s now a part of. I think the fact that she’s the new girl, she comes from this famous, wealthy family and is forced to move to Riverdale and start a new life, it kind of adds this boldness to her character.”

Setting the Scene: “The tone is dark and moody, but that being said, [Riverdale] has a lot of fun moments inside of it. Between each dramatic scene, there’s always a very whimsical feel. The director uses a lot of slow-motion. It seems almost dreamlike, so I think that with all the retro-pop music, it’s a really fun show.”

Narrowing It Down: “I just read this book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and there’s this whole section about fashion that’s just about minimalism. [It’s] not necessarily throwing away and getting rid of everything, but just holding on to each article of clothing and deciding what it is that really makes you happy, making sure it sparks joy every time you’re touching it or looking at it.”

Style File: “My style inspiration is definitely Camille Rowe. She’s got that L.A. retro beachiness, and then she has an air of French effortless chic as well.”